Beauty “Tip” You Hate

Hey guys!! So I was scrolling through article after article of beauty “tips” that various bloggers, celebrities, and just people in general write and/or talk about and I wanted to do kind of the opposite of that. What’s a beauty “tip” that you actually cannot stand and perhaps hasn’t worked for you in the past?

For me, I’d have to say a beauty tip I loathe is anyone advertising tanning as a way to make your cellulite/skin look more even and smooth. I am all about body positivity and doing what makes you feel more confidant. But I am NOT about advertising damaging your skin either by laying out all day or being inside a confining tanning bed. If you want to “tan” your skin, I’d definitely recommend either a spray tan or one of those temporary tanners. Skin cancer is on the rise and it’s just going to become more prevalent if we keep advertising tanning as a way to look more beautiful.

I am happy with my ghost self, thank you very much. =D


An honest review of Avon/Mark Products (Reblogged from Beauty by Reeva)

Hey Beauties! I’ve seen this line from Avon called Mark for a while now and finally made a purchase to see what the hype is about. In order to find out if their products are worth it I would usually pick my top two which are foundations and lip products. A few of Avon products have been […]

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Drew is one of my style icons!! (Reblogged from StyleCaster)

Welcome to another day of body and beauty-shaming (collective eye-roll). In the last week, we’ve seen people stereotype Bella Thorne as a “partier” because of her acne; others deem Ashley Graham not a “real model” because of her size; and today, we have an equally infuriating situation: people are judging Drew Barrymore not for how she looks…

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Budget Beauty Bodywash!! (Reblogged from the glossy tulips)

​Hey friends 🙌, Here I am. ..again with a review 😉. This time it is a bodywash from Dove. I have been using Dove soap, on and off, since my childhood. I love the moisturisation they provide, but hate the slimy feeling […]

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Super Excited!!

I’ve got a fun little package from e.l.f cosmetics coming my way soon!! I also picked up a butter highlighter from Physician’s Formula today that I am stoked to try out. Swatches and reviews coming soon.

Debating whether I want to go rummage saleing tomorrow. I always have to wake up early and its my weekend off. Do I sleep in my with my son for morning cuddles or do I wake us up at an ungodly hour to get those deals?? Stay tuned to find out…

=D Happy weekend guys!

Eyeliner Styles

Hey lovelies!! So, as someone who emphasizes my eyes more than any other feature, it got me wondering about what your favorite eyeliner style is? I generally do a winged look (and I will feature photos in other blog posts eventually) but it doesn’t always work out the way I want. I prefer a felt-tipped pen vs a liquid liner as I feel more steady with a felt-tip then I do with a tiny little brush.

I have been getting into liquid lipsticks lately but I try and reserve the bolder colors for night out. Having said that, I still definitely enjoy playing up my eyes the most as I actually really love my eyes and making them pop.


How I wish my eyeliner looked (a  girl can dream)!!



A chart of different styled winged eyeliner for different eye types. I have hooded eyes so sometimes getting that perfect wing shape is difficult for me.

What’s your favorite feature to play up? Let me know in the comments below!!

*Disclaimer: None of these photos are mine nor do I claim credit for any of them. I simply used them to enhance the article and to give examples of different eyeliner looks so my readers could understand the blog post better. 

Such an inspiration (Reblog)

With how much hate there is on social media these days, it’s understandable why Ashley Graham pays little to no attention to the negativity. But even she can’t filter out everything. On Thursday, while scrolling through Instagram, Graham discovered that someone was claiming that she wasn’t a “real model” because of her size. She took…

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Beauty Obsession: Masks!

I am 100% a fan of masks. I think they have beautiful benefits (soft skin, draw out impurities, give your skin a boost of radiance, etc) and most of the time are super cheap! I’ve photographed some of my (still growing) collection and then picked a few to feature in this post. Read on to find out more!



This nugg charcoal skin detox mask was sent to me by a good friend of mine. She knew I had been going through some rough times and sent me the sweetest care package to cheer me up. (Thanks Christina!!) I was super excited to see this nugg mask in there. I am a HUGE fan of charcoal masks because they do a great job of drawing out all those toxins and impurities while making your skin super fresh. Just make sure you definitely moisturize after using a charcoal mask as they can tend to be a little drying for the skin. These come in individual pods and retail from $3-4 depending on location.


This Que Bella Multi Mask Cream Face Trio came in one of my beauty boxes from Target. I’m a little wary of trying it as many of the reviews on said the Charcoal Mud Mask (first one) burned their skin. Ouch! So.. we will see if I actually end up using this. I was intrigued at first as I’ve never seen a 3-step mask before.


Earth Therapeutics is one of my favorite brands for masks and this Earth Therapeutics Nourishing Avocado Mask is no exception. This is a sheet mask and I will say that I prefer creamier masks when avocado is featured as an ingredient. However, this mask has a great and subtle scent and you can literally feel your skin being moisturized as you wear it. I’ve used this mask numerous times to help calm my skin and give back some moisture to it. This mask comes in singles or in a 5-pack.


This was a new one for me. Yes to Carrots Nutrition Boosting Paper Mask touts being made of Cotton, with tons of vitamin A and E for a radiant glow. I’m eager to try this as I love most of the Yes To line. If anyone has tried this mask before, let me know in the comments below

If you see a mask you want me to try in my first photo, let me know and I’ll do a special feature on it! Thanks beauties!


Important Tips for Lovely Locks (Reblogged from StyleCaster)

Sleeping with long hair can wreck even the best of blow outs overnight—literally. But you don’t have to wake up to greet a hot mess of bedhead in the mirror every morning. There are actually some amazing tactics on how to wear your hair to bed that can make all the difference. Here, we present…

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Skincare Tips (Reblogged from StyleCaster)

Most skin-care routines are composed of a cocktail of ingredients. We start with squirt of this, a scoop of that, and by the end we’ve layered a myriad of products in hopes of perfecting our complexion. That “the more, the merrier” saying seems fitting for moments like this, but the layers you’ve sworn by aren’t…

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