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For those who aren’t familiar with this, I am what you call a BzzAgent. Anyone can be a BzzAgent if you sign up. It’s free, fast, and totally fun! (www.bzzagent.com, for more info!)

Being a BzzAgent is all about being an active social networker and gaining access to incredibly cool campaigns. Some campaigns can range from receiving coupons, free product samples, and the best… free beauty loot! The more active you are on the website through surveys, networking, and overall “traffic”, the more campaigns you’ll be invited to and the more chances you’ll have of earning amazing deals.

One of these campaigns I am currently enjoying is the Maybelline Baby Lips and Lots of Lashes campaign.  I signed up for my free bzzkit and was mailed 5 free samples of Lots of Lashes mascara as well as 5 free samples of Baby Lips Lip Balm. I was ecstatic!

The Lots of Lashes mascara is classic. It comes in that famous Maybelline pink tube with the green top. The mascara wand is small and compact and makes it completely easy to reach all your eyelashes (including those hard-to-reach inner lashes). The mascara made my eyes look dramatically full and voluminous and I had  a few women even ask me on the street what I did to my eyes. I would highly recommend this mascara as it doesn’t smudge, clump, or smear.

The Baby Lips Lip Balm was another item I was pleasantly surprised with. I received 5 different shades of lip balm, two sheer and 3 slightly tinted. My favorite would be the Baby Lips Lip Balm in Quenched. This is an ultra moisturizing balm that made my lips feel instantly soft the moment I put it on. I find that I don’t have to reapply the balm as much as I would with other balms I’ve used in the past and the silky smooth texture of my lips is amazing. The claim is that it lasts for 8 hours, and while I don’t agree with this, it does last quite a bit longer than most other lip balms I’ve tried. As an added bonus, all Baby Lips Lip Balms have SPF 20 in them. If you’re like me and have really sensitive lips, you’ll appreciate that little fact.

All in all, I was very pleased that I received such amazing samples (and all for free!)  While each BzzAgent’s experience is different and tailored to your own personality and type, I highly recommend becoming a BzzAgent and seeing what awaits you. It’s fast, free, and completely addicting once you’re in. If I had never joined, I would never have been able to experience Maybelline’s Lots of Lashes mascara or Baby Lips Lip Balm. These two products are definitely worth checking out the best part? Each product retails for well under $10 a piece. Talk about beauty on a dime!

As always, budget beautifully.