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Yes… I am really writing a blog about fantastically awesome chocolate chip cookies. How, you ask, does this tie into the theme of “beauty on a dime”? Well isn’t it obvious?? It doesn’t. =)

Sometimes as a blogger you want to write about something different, if even for a moment. You want to be able to express your love for something right then and there without having to create an entirely new blog for it. That’s what happened with me and these chocolate chip cookies.

Krogers, The Truly Awesome Homestyle Chocolate Chip Cookie are one of the best cookies I’ve ever tasted. I mentioned in my earlier blog that I am a BzzAgent, and as such, get to try out products occasionally and then share my opinion (and samples) about them with the world. Well.. that’s exactly what I did with these cookies!

First, let me start off by saying these cookies are generously sized. They come 8 in a box and retail for a little less than $4. This, to some, might seem steep. But trust me, you only need one of these cookies to feel satisfied and feed that sweet tooth. The one downfall that I personally wasn’t crazy over was the crunch factor. I’m a big believer in soft, melt in your mouth type cookies. But I know there are many people who like there cookies crunchy. While these aren’t “break your teeth” kind of cookies, I would have preferred them to be a smidge softer just to feel more like the home-baked goodies my mom used to make.

With that being said, each cookie is beautifully smothered in just the right amount of chocolate chips to give it that amazing chocolately cookie taste. I even popped one in the microwave and the chips melted to perfection. While it did nothing to soften the cookie, it made the cookie warm and a bit gooey which was fine by me. I also shared these cookies with my fiance who promptly devoured half a box and declared them “better than Chips Ahoy”.

I loved the chocolatey taste, the size, and the cute blue and white packaging they came in. I would highly recommend trying out a box (I have $1 off coupons!!) and letting me know what you think. While cookies don’t have a whole heck of a lot to do with beauty on a dime.. we all know happy women are beautiful women. And what could make a woman happier than indulging in some chocolate decadence?

As always, budget beautifully (and indulge occasionally)!