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Hey ladies! As Valentine’s Day approaches, its dawned on me that sometimes shopping for that perfect gift can be a little daunting. My question to you is what has been the best Valentine’s Day gift you’ve received? What’s been the worst? What made those gifts the best and worst?

My own experience has been rather pleasant each Valentine’s Day. The best gift I’ve ever received was an annual pass to Disneyland! I’m a huge Disney fan and this was an enormous surprise. My worst gift ever was probably a huge collection of makeup. Now, usually I would enjoy receiving makeup. But this makeup was so old ladyish, it was ridiculous. The colors were garish pinks and oranges. It was more suited for costume makeup than anything else. While I appreciated the thought, it was definitely something I wish I could have returned for something else.

So ladies, list your best and worst Valentine’s Gifts ever received. I’d be interested to hear your thoughts!