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Inspired by another bloggers post on her fabulous gift box from Soap and Glory, I thought I’d share my new love of this brand with some great gift ideas for your loved one this Valentine’s Day. What’s more perfect than a product that’s already packaged in pink? Symbolic of the holiday, no?


The Scrub Of Your Life Smoothing Body Scrub ($16)

This scrub is amazing! I’ve only used it a few times after receiving it as a gift from my sister but I’m already impressed. It has a light, soothing scent that doesn’t overpower whatsoever. The scrubbing granules aren’t at all irritating even on my super sensitive skin. It has just the right amount of suds to make me feel like I’m getting a super-powered clean and it doesn’t leave my skin dry after rinsing it off like so many other scrubs have. A fantastic gift for anyone on your list!


The Greatest Scrub Of All Facial Exfoliator ($18)

I’m a big fan of face products and I’ve been wanting to try out a great exfoliator. While I haven’t purchased this myself, I’ve heard nothing but good things about it and would love to try it out. Great for any skin type, a little seems to go a long way according to most reviews of the product. This product claims to soften, smooth and make your skin look brighter than ever. Has anyone ever tried this product? What are your thoughts?


Trick and Treatment Double-Action Under Eye Dark Circle Corrector ($18)

As a new mom, many sleepless nights have I had with my infant son. I wake up looking like I got run over by a semi! So I’ve become obsessed with finding an eye product that can cover my dark circles without costing a bundle. This product fits the budget while claiming to not only hide dark circles, but also treat them at the same time. I haven’t broken down and purchased this… yet…but it would be a great Valentine’s gift for any mom on your list or anyone looking to conceal and treat their under-eye problems.


Hand Food Non-Greasy Hydrating Hand Cream ($10)

This hand cream is amazing! For $10, you get a generous amount (4.2 oz!) of lotion that smells fabulous and leaves your hands smooth forever. Moisturizing shea butter accompanies macadamia oil and marshmallow with their signature Pink fragrance. A must have gift for anyone with dry, chapped hands that want a hand cream that won’t irritate already sensitive skin.

All in all, I’ve been impressed with the products I’ve tried by Soap and Glory and would love to get my hands on more when my budget allows me to. As a mom, I don’t get to indulge in luxuries, even budget “luxuries” as much as I used to be able to. But for Valentine’s Day, perhaps my significant other will use this guide as a resource for picking out a perfect present for me. =) Hopefully, this guide will prove useful to anyone looking for a great product to try that won’t break the bank.  Stay beautiful!