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Some men can be relatively clueless when it comes to picking out products for themselves. Luckily, this article takes the guesswork out of it and helps you pick the perfect gift for your man.

As always, I turn to my trusted and true beauty site Sephora for amazing gifts and even better prices. They have products for every price point and haven’t let me down yet. This Anthony Logistics For Men Mud Scub Exfoliating Bar is perfect for my man! He’s a surfer and a swimmer and the salt and chlorine really dry out his skin. This bar promises to exfoliate and soften without drying his already parched skin. Beware of the scent; if you or your man aren’t huge mint fans, this bar might be something you’d want to pass on. ($14.50)

Another great product to try is Jack Black’s Post Shave Cooling Gel. This aftershave has scents of aloe, sage and lavender and promises to cool skin and help banish redness. Great for nicks and cuts, and claims to even help sunburns! Since my man’s a surfer, sunburns are always an issue. It’s nice to know there’s a product out there that can make him smell good after a shave and help combat any burns he might get from hanging ten! ($19)

One of my favorite drugstores is Target, and I can always find wallet-friendly products there for my man. A favorite is Ralph Lauren’s Romance Silver For Men Cologne. It smells great without being completely overwhelming. It’s also one of the few designer colognes you can get without having to pay a fortune for it. If you’re looking for a new scent to try out on your man, I’d definitely recommend this. ($31.99).