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As the Oscars fast approach, it got me wondering whose going to be wearing the amazing gowns, the to-die-for gems, and the hottest makeup. Which then got me thinking about how many of us drool over these gorgeous gals (and guys!!) and wish we could play princess for a night like them!

But it isn’t just the fancy that has me loving certain celebrities. As glam as Hollywood-ites can be, there’s also the downtime where they aren’t just “famous”, but actual people too. And there’s nothing I love more than seeing them dressed down and still managing to look fabulous.

So, for me, my celebrity beauty icon would have to be Drew Barrymore. She’s never afraid to try out a new hairstyle or color, always looks well put together and seems like an all around down-to-earth girl. She’s battled demons and come out strong and has accomplished much in her career. From acting, to producing, to directing, she’s doing it all.

Fresh Faced and Looking Gorgeous!

One of my favorite gowns; and what striking hair!

Dewy makeup makes her look glam without being too overdone

Casual and still looking lovely!

Whether done up or toned down, Drew Barrymore is a seriously classy lady. She isn’t afraid to be herself and that is something I admire about her. Whether she’s wearing a striped sweater and beachy waves, or dewy makeup and fancy gowns, she is my go-to beauty icon when I need a fresh look.

So whose your celebrity beauty icon? I’d love to hear your thoughts. Stay beautiful. =)