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I’m the type of gal that enjoys painting her nails with a clear or nude shade. While I appreciate the vast array of nail color choices, I prefer to keep them to my toes only. This may be because of (*grossout alert*) a long time bad habit of biting my nails. Yes, I know.. it’s terrible! I’ve tried everything from fake nails to slathering them with bitter tasting polish, to snapping a rubberband around my wrist everytime I went to bite. I’ve only been able to stop a short time before something made me bite again!

It’s a stress related habit, for sure. With a new baby, it’s gotten even worse! You’d think my hands would be so busy I wouldn’t have time to bite. But when you’re used to biting, there’s always time.

Now, with that being said, this year I’m RESOLVED to stop. I don’t care what it takes! I’m tired of having raggedy nails that I can’t paint pretty colors. The last thing I want to do is draw attention to my stumps of nails by painting them a hot, metallic blue! So, I’m done! You heard it here first! From this day forward, no more biting.

I’ve posted some various nail polish choices to help me towards my goal. They’re beautiful colors that I plan on wearing when my nails have grown long enough to deserve them!

Forever 21, $2.80. I love the sparkles!

Skinny Jeans, OPI. I love OPI and would totally splurge on this pretty color! $9.50, Sephora

Turquoise and Caicos, by Essie. LOVE this color! $8, drugstores

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Polish in Coral Reef, Target $2.49. A pretty salmon pink color that is perfect for Spring!

All these polish colors are gorgeous and something I would never consider wearing on my nails before due to my unsightly habit. But with new-found determination, my goal is to have beautiful nails before the end of Spring! Wish me luck in my endeavor… stress habits are hard to break!