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I’ve recently discovered a new line of facial care products at my local Target that I’m currently trying out. The line is called Simple, and its the UK’s #1 skincare line. They call themselves the “sensitive skin experts”. Since my skin is super sensitive, I thought this might be a skincare line I could get on board with!

Target was debuting this skincare line and had a $1 off coupon on any Simple product. I purchased the Simple moisturizing face wash as I needed a good face wash anyways, and I also purchased the soothing facial toner.

So far, what I like about these products is that they are made with no harsh ingredients, dye free, and completely unscented. They feel good going on my skin and it looks visibly brighter. However, I don’t think the moisturizing face wash is as moisturizing as it claims to be. I don’t notice much of a difference as far as moisture goes after washing and I still have to apply my Olay night creme.

All in all, however, I’m pleased with the few products I’ve picked up. They haven’t broken out my skin, nor have they made it dry or blotchy from harsh chemicals. I’m eager to try their Revitalizing Eye Roll On as well as their Vital Vitamin Day Cream SPF 15 once my Olay day cream is used up!

Have any of you guys used Simple’s skincare line yet? If so, what did you think about it? Would love to hear from you! Visit http://www.simpleskincare.com for product details and where to buy! Prices range from $4-13, on average.