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Awhile back, I wrote about how I loved Suave’s Clarifying Shampoo because it was budget-friendly and did a great job for being just under $2 a bottle. It’s fantastic at what it does and my hair felt quite nice after using it.

However, I’ve been intrigued by Frederic Fekkai’s Apple Cider Clarifying Shampoo. I’ve seen so many advertisements for it and I’m a sucker for anything apple cider! I haven’t wanted to shell out the cash for it because at $25 a bottle, its definitely wayyyy too pricey for my budget. But I wanted to get some opinions about it. Has anyone ever tried this shampoo? Is it truly worth the $25 price tag? Honestly, I can’t see how any shampoo could truly be worth so much money when I’ve found great shampoos at Target for much less.

The claims on this shampoo range from promising to remove residue and buildup without stripping color or moisture from your hair and also enhancing shine.

So ladies, tell me what you think! Is this shampoo truly worth $25 a bottle? Is ANY shampoo ever worth that much? Would love your feedback!!