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So, apparently, a British female writer named Samantha Brick has been facing massive onslaught against an article she wrote for the Daily Mail, a uk based publication. In it, she writes how hard it is to be a pretty woman. I can see the validation behind such a statement; women tend to judge other women quite harshly. However, in my experience, it isn’t solely based on their looks alone. Usually, at least from my viewpoint, it also has to do with their personality. An incredibly attractive person can be so frakkin annoying that THIS is the reason we don’t like her; not because she’s just so darn beautiful.

In Mrs. Brick’s case, I’m not quite sure where she’s coming from in her article. Sure, she seems to have quite a bit of confidence about her apperance. However, from the pictures displayed in her article, while not ugly, she just seems to be an average looking gal. Nothing flashy or particularly striking about her apperance; at least from my standpoint. She writes about how women view her as a threat. Could it be because she blatantly flirts with them? Or could it really be because men can’t help but succumb to her good looks?

It’s an interesting article to be sure. But one that I can’t quite wrap my head around. You can be inherently beautiful and still have female friends without having to worry about them dropping you for being beautiful. From my opinion alone, perhaps its Mrs. Brick’s personality that is causing her to lack friends of the female variety? The world shall never know!

Here’s the links to her essay; and a follow-up after thousands of readers left comments about her essay. Check them out and let me know what you think.

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