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I’ve always admired Brigitte Bardot. She was the epitome of beauty back in her heyday (1960’s). She was an actress, model, singer and a huge animal rights activist. I always thought her beautiful and loved her big hair, pouty lips, and all around gorgeousness.

That’s why I was so devestated to see this picture of her while reading an article of stars who haven’t aged gracefully. Obviously, you can’t expect to look the same at 77 as you did at 20 something. But if you take good care of yourself its possible to retain your beauty to a certain extent. I guess it was just a matter of her partying days taking a toll on her looks? I’m not sure. But its a damn shame as she was literally one of the prettiest women in my eyes.

What do you guys think? I can still see a semblance of her former self; but definitely hasn’t aged kindly. =/ Have you guys admired any celebrity that has/hasn’t aged gracefully? Let me know by leaving me some love.