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Ok, so I’ve been a little bummed out with a few of the “Yes To” products/samples I’ve tried. But because they always lure me in with their cute packaging and enticing smells, I jump on the wagon yet again to try them out. First, here’s some background info on the product.

Formulated with Organic Cotton Thistle to Help Restore Age-Damaged Skin

  • Paraben-free
  • 99% Natural Product
  • Free of Petroleum and SLS
  • Paraben-free, naturally!

Yes to Blueberries™ formulations naturally blend anti-oxidant rich fruits with special ingredients to help fight the signs off aging.  The collection features products that help improve skin firmness, protect skin, diminish fine lines and wrinkles, and nourish age-damaged skin.  use the entire collection for a recipe of youth-enhancing goodness!

Blueberries Rich in Anti-oxidants such as Vitamin C and Anthocyanins to help fight the formulation of free radicals that can damage the skin’s microstructure.

Organic Cotton Thistle Hydrates age-damaged skin and helps boost natural collagen production and skin rejuvenation.

Black Currant Rich in Anti-oxidants and Essential Fatty Acids to help nourish and soothe skin.

Apple Rich in powerful Polyphenol Anti-Oxidants and natural Alpha-Hydroxy Acids, which help to refresh and brighten skin’s surface.

My Thoughts:

The product was incredibly drying on my sensitive skin. It made my face feel tight and itchy. It also left an icky residue all over my face that I did not like at all. Thank goodness it was only a sample packet because I would never have spent actual money on this. A retail price of $20 isn’t a bad deal…for a serum that doesn’t leave my skin feeling like sandpaper. I really wanted to like this product. Alas, the dry, tight feeling was enough to completely turn me off. You’d think a product that touts organic cotton thistle would leave your skin feeling soft.. its COTTON for goodness sakes! But nope.. a very dissapointing product indeed. The sample lasted me a week and each day I kept hoping it would get better. Unfortunately for me, that was not the case.

Have any of you tried the Yes to Blueberries line? What were your thoughts or impressions? Maybe my skin just isn’t suited for this skincare line. Either way, I keep hoping I’ll find a product I’ll want to rave about! Take care guys, and stay beautiful. =)