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The first magazines I ever subscribed to were Teen and Seventeen. I thought those were the coolest of the cool! As I’ve grown older, my tastes in magazines have (obviously) changed as well as what I take from them. Before, I’d read magazines for those fun little quizzes (What’s your personality type? Which celebrity should you be matched with?). But now, I’m into magazines for a whole other reason. I love reading about new beauty products, the lastest fashion trends, and how to make your hair look gorgeous in a top knot. Here are the current magazines I subscribe to that I absolutely love!!

InStyle: Probably my most favorite magazine ever! They’ve got great spreads like “Deals and Steals” where they feature makeup and beauty products on the cheap. Their website is also fantastic. You can sort through their spread “Best Beauty Buys” catergorized by year and see what products made the cut for being absolutely amazing. Its definitely worth a subscription; tells you everything you’d want to know about how to look your best without sounding pretentious or snobby.

Allure: If you want to know everything about beauty products, Allure is the go-to magazine. Not only are the articles informative, the website also rocks. They have the “Allure Beauty Product Finder” that lets you find makeup, hair and skin products based on the criteria you enter. Allure also has fantastic giveaways, fun cover models, and tons of tips to help you look amazing. Subscribe here.

Lucky: Lucky has great pieces, like “My mom, the style icon” which gives readers a glimpse into beauty and fashion back in certain eras. “50 under $50” which showcases classic and trendy pieces for less than $50 each. And the website rules! The amount of giveaways Lucky offers is amazing. Want to go to Hawaii? Enter their contest! How about a $100 shopping spree from beauty.com? Enter away. Have a fancy for a new laptop? Enter to win a shiny hot pink Sony Vaio! The possibilities are endless. Fun magazine to get and one I highly recommend you subscribe too!

So these are my magazine choices. I’d love to hear from my readers. Any recommendations for beauty mags you love?? Leave some feedback in the comments. Have a beautiful day!