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If you’re into bargain beauty products then you’ve probably heard of e.l.f cosmetics. They cater to women who need a beauty item on the cheap but that still does a quality job. I’m a huge fan of e.l.f. cosmetics and love that some of their most coveted items can now be found at Target as well as on their website.

The one item I’ve absolutely fallen in love with since recieving it as a gift one Christmas is their Soothing Lip Balm. The balm comes in four colors, all very sheer. I have Orange Creme which smells delish! Here are my thoughts on this balm.


1. For $1, you can’t beat it. I am a lip balm addict and am also constantly using (and losing) my balms like no tommorow. If I happen to accidently run this balm through the dryer, I know I can always pick up another one for a buck and not be out that much cash.

2. The softness is undeniable. My lips instantly felt smoother and softer. And my fiance even said they tasted good! Bonus points!

3. The formula didn’t irritate my sensitive skin. I have super sensitive skin/lips and some balms irritate me. This one, infused with Shea butter and multiple vitamins, didn’t cause any unusual or harsh reactions in me which I appreciated.


1. Staying power was an issue. I felt like I had to constantly reapply to get that super smooth feeling back again. I probably had to reapply 6 or 7 times throughout a 12-14 hour period. I like balms that have a little more staying power than that.

2. Prices are great; but if you only want one item you pay almost $7 for shipping. And, since I live in California, not only do I have to wait 3-5 business days for my order to process, I also have to wait up to 10 additional business days for my items to actually make it to me once shipped out with Standard shipping. I love that Target has been carrying some of their items but they don’t always have this balm which is definitely not a plus.

So that’s my review. What’s been your experience with this balm or e.l.f. products in general? Leave me some love! Happy Tuesday! =)