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So I had my son about 4 months ago. When I was pregnant, my hair was supple, lustrous and super shiny! I’ve never had better hair. Since having my son, my hair is lacking luster, super dry and is falling out all over the place! Apparently, this is a normal occurence. I, however, HATE it! I don’t even wash my hair everyday because I hate how I shed so much. I can’t even run my hand over my hair without strands coming off. It’s disgusting and embarrassing and I’m worried about going bald. I can already see certain sections that when I pull my hair back just so… ugh. What’s a girl to do!?

This is where I’m hoping some of my readers can help me! This isn’t a super popular blog, but I know some of y’all out there might be able to offer me a little insight. How can I keep my hair from falling out all over the place? Is it just a time thing? Will it get better? Is there any sort of product/supplement I can use/take that will help my hair along?

I need some advice! So please, ladies and gents… help a gal out! Whatever advice you have, I’ll gladly take.