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Recently, I was gifted a full-sized bottle of Derek Jeter’s Driven Black Eau De Toilette Spray (found at Avon) for my fiance to test out. I always love smelling cologne on him so I figured this would be a great opportunity to test out a new fragrance. The pros (and cons) of the scent? Keep reading to find out.


The retail price of $28 isn’t bad, considering the size of the cologne. Avon is a reputable company that have churned out many a celebrity endorsed fragrance (think Reese Witherspoon and Fergie) which all smell relatively nice. The amount of fragrance you recieve is nice and the scent is similar to an earthy-type smell. It reminded me of a rainstorm in the woods, that damp, earthy smell that’s very crisp and musky. The bottle is shaped nicely, black with a silver top. Sleek and chic!


Due to its size, the cologne itself isn’t easily portable. I gave my fiance a set of Calvin Klein cologones that are very small but easily totable which he keeps stashed in his truck. He likes being able to apply cologone on the go whenever he desires (and because he’s always driving so its readily available and he will actually REMEMBER to wear some). He can’t really do that with the size of this bottle. If your guy isn’t one to have cologne in his car, then it wouldn’t be a problem. The staying power of the cologne itself also isn’t that great. It fades after only a few hours of wear.

Final Rating: 3/5

Overall, its not a bad cologne for the amount of fragrance you recieve. The smell is nice and the price is right. However, I feel that because the scent doesn’t linger very long and that its not easily portable that this cologne doesn’t compare to others he’s worn before. If you’re looking for a nice cologne with a very woody smell, this will fit the bill. Just expect your man to have to reapply it often!