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As part of my work as a Bloom Beauty Ambassador, I’m sent monthly boxes of new goodies to try out and review. This month in my box were these amazing facial cleansing cloths called Kaia, made from bamboo fibers. I’m a complete sucker for cleansing cloths so I was super excited to try these! Our challenge was, with a fully made up face, wash one side with a Kaia cleansing cloth and the other with a cheap cloth alternative or a washcloth. These are my results.

The left side of my face (when viewing the picture) still has traces of my liquid eyeliner, mascara, and Stila blush still visible. This was after using an Olay cleansing cloth. I’m a huge fan of Olay but had no idea that their cleansing cloths wouldn’t be able to the majority of my makeup. Not to mention, their cloths stung the hell out of my eyes!

The right side of my face is completely free of makeup, including my liquid eyeliner and mascara. This side, I used a Kaia cleansing cloth and boy can I seriously tell the difference!!


The Kaia cleansing cloths were soft, and using them on my eyes didn’t sting or make them water whatsoever. I was able to use one cloth to remove the entirety of my makeup (with Olay, I had to use two or three and STILL had makeup left on my face). These cloths actually felt moisturizing and I loved that they weren’t sopping wet either. The Olay wipes were very wet and left my hands soaked. That’s a definite turn off for me when using cleansing cloths!

Another perk I found with these Kaia cloths is that they are biodegradable! I’m a sucker for natural and eco-friendly products and these fit the bill perfectly. I also didn’t detect any sort of smell/fragrance/scent from these cloths which, honestly, I’m fine with. My skin is super sensitive and sometimes overly fragrant cloths/skincare products really wreak havoc on my skin. It’s great that I don’t have to worry about a heavy fragrance with these cloths.

If I hadn’t already used my samples, I would have shown you just how much makeup was actually taken off with a Kaia cloth vs my Olay cloth. Suffice it to say, the Kaia cleansing cloth seriously went to town on my makeup. I’ve always had issues getting my mascara to come off with cleansing cloths in the past. It’s been a relief finding a product that actually manages to take off my mascara without irritating my eyes. My skin has never felt more refreshed or cleansed. This product seriously works.


Cons, you ask? How could there be a con with a product so great?! Well, the only issue I have with these cloths is the price. For $17.99, you get a pack of 30. Not exactly chump change considering I can get cleansing cloths for $6 or less. Now, granted, I have to use multiple cloths of the cheaper variety AND at least in Olay’s case, it doesn’t take off my makeup completely. However, I think it would still be hard for me to justify spending that much money on cleansing cloths. That being said, it is a superior product and something I could totally see treating myself to when I feel like getting something special.

Final Rating: 4/5

The product is superior to most other cleansing cloths on the market. The natural bamboo fibers seriously grip the tiniest flecks of mascara and eyeliner and removes them effortlessly. My skin feels revived, refreshed and completely cleansed after using one of these cloths. Its not irritating and great for my sensitive skin. If the price were cheaper, it would definitely be something I’d use all the time. If you’re in the market for a great natural cleansing cloth that actually does what its intended for, then I’d highly recommend picking some up here.

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Disclaimer: This product was sent to me as part of my participation in the Bloom Ambassador Program. All reviews are my own unless otherwise stated.