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I always love receiving my beauty boxes from Bloom.com! They inevitably always have at least a few products I end up loving and what’s better than being able to test out products for free and giving honest feedback about it?

If you haven’t become involved with Bloom.com yet, I highly suggest you do. They offer great beauty buys from high-end brands to drugstore variety. Check it out here using my invitation code. Now on to the review!


First, the T’eez Bounce Me Stylng Cream. I absolutely love it! The smell is light and refreshing and the texture is very soft, and rich-feeling. You apply it to damp hair and style however you wish. For my hairstyle, I applied the cream from midshaft to ends of hair and scrunched up. Then I twisted my hair into a bun and secured with an elastic. After about 30 minutes of air drying, I released the bun and had fun, beachy waves! I flipped my head over and applied the T’eez Build Me Volume Spray lightly and then finger combed/teased/scrunched my hair up for extra effect and voila!

I absolutely LOVE how my hair turned out. My hair didn’t feel sticky or crunchy like it does when I use hairspray and other styling products. All it felt was soft and silky. (I also had applied Sundari Neem and Coconut Oil Hair Treatment prior to this picture, which also helped contribute to the look and feel of my hair). I’ve never been able to get beachy waves that looked this good and stayed in all day! The price of $22.99 is well worth it to me as I’ve never found a product that works as well in my hair.


With the T’eez Bounce Me Cream, I felt like it left a filmy residue on my hands even after washing. I’m pretty phobic when it comes to having stuff on my hands so I wash constantly. The residue, while in itself wasn’t super bad and went away quickly, I still didn’t like how my hands felt initially after using this product.

Now, the T’eez Build Me Spray!!


We only received a sample to test out but I was impressed immediately. The scent was light and crisp and my hair was left feeling touchably smooth and soft. Just as with the cream, my hair had no crunchiness or stickiness whatsoever. I’d recommend blow drying to really get the volume you want in your style however. For my purposes, I used it when my hair had air dried and it suited me fine as I wasn’t looking for huge volume at the time. But for most styles, blow drying would probably work better for that extra oomph!


I think the price of $19.99 is steep for a volume spray. My husband would NOT be pleased if I came home and told him I spent that much on a hair product. While I do believe to a certain degree that some products are worth it, I still feel like there are comparable products on the market for a-lot less money. However, for a splurge-worthy item, then this would definitely fit the bill.

Final Ratings for both T’eez Products: 4/5

These products work well alone or used together. The scents are both pleasant and neither one left my hair crunchy, sticky, or gross. While the price of the spray is a little steep for my budget, I’d still recommend purchasing it if you’re in the market for a high-end volume spray.  Overall, great products and am super stoked that I was able to try both of them out. If you’re interested in purchasing them, or other T’eez products, you can do so here.