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Sorry for the late review my fellow Bloom Ambassadors! A teething baby has been keeping me mighty occupied. But never fear for my review is (finally) here!!

I’ll keep this short and sweet as that’s how my use of the product has been (minus the sweet part.)

The Stri-Vectin Serum for Wrinkles irritated the HECK out of my skin. I was a blotchy, icky, red mess for hours after using it. I used it a total of four times before I gave up and realized my skin wasn’t going to react the way I wanted it to. I wanted to like this serum. No.. I wanted to LOVE this serum. I’ve used a sample of Stri-Vectin’s Stretch Mark cream before and have NEVER had this adverse a reaction to it.

I guess my skin is more sensitive than I realized. I did have a picture to show of my icky red face but somehow it has mysteriously vanished off my phone. So I apologize that you will not be able to see my blotched out face. I’ll make it up to y’all somehow. =P
Final Rating: 2/5  Unfortunately my experience with this product gives it the 2/5 rating. I wanted to like it, I really did. I tried for four days… but my skin would not accept it. I hope you ladies had a better experience than I did.
Disclaimer: All products were sent to me for my fair and honest review by the Bloom Beauty Ambassador Program. All opinions are my own unless otherwise stated.