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As a budget beauty fan, I’m constantly on the lookout for great deals on products my family and I use on a regular basis. This includes skincare, personal care, makeup, hair care, etc. So after hearing so many women say how CVS is an amazing place to score great deals on everyday products, I knew I had to check it out and see what all the hype was about.

CVS has a rewards program called ExtraCare where you can earn ExtraCare bucks on qualified purchases (or for those in the know… ecb’s). All you do is sign up for a CVS rewards card and you’re eligible to receive these beauties. Watch the circular to see what’s on sale each week and which products will give you back ECB’s. They’re like cash that you can use towards future purchases. Used in conjunction with store coupons and manufacturers coupons, you could score some pretty amazing deals. Just be careful to follow all coupon policy’s as well as CVS’s coupon policy correctly. There’s nothing more embarrassing then standing in a long checkout line with coupons in hand being told they won’t work with what you’re buying.

With that being said, I had an amazing time at CVS today. I looked at the weekly circular to see what products I needed and which would net me ecb’s. I already had $12 ecb’s from previous purchases that I used towards my purchases today. Here’s the breakdown of what I bought. For shorthand purposes, the following abbreviations will be used:

ECB’s (ExtraCare Bucks) MQ’s or MQ (Manufacturer Coupon) and SC or VC (Store/Vendor Coupon). OOP (Out Of Pocket). Also, when I say Net Price w/out ECBs, I mean the total price of the product after taking off the manufacturer coupon and NOT adding in the amount of ECBs you earned. Many women choose to factor in both the manufacturer coupon and the ECBs earned as the total net price of an item as they are technically getting money back to spend on their next purchase. For simplicity’s sake, I prefer to do it w/out adding the ECBs as I think its easier to deal with that way.

Here’s what I scored!!

1 Olay Body Wash ($6.79) (MQ $1.00) (Earn $2 ECBS) Net Price w/out ECBs: $5.79

2 Pantene ($3/10 or $3.33 ea) (MQ $3 off 2) Net Price: $3.66

1 Venus Embrace Razor ($8.79) (MQ $3.00) (Earn $5 ECBs) Net Price w/out ECBs: $5.79

1 Scope Mouthwash ($2.99) (MQ $1.50) Net Price: $1.49

1 Colgate Sensitive Toothpaste ($3.74) (MQ $.75) (Earn $1 ECBs) Net Price w/out ECBs: $2.99

2 Vicks Nature Fusion Cold Meds (2/$14) (MQ $3 off 2) (Earn $2 ECBs) Net Price w/out ECBs: $11.00

1 Vicks ZZZQuil ($4.99) (MQ $2.00) (Earn $2 ECBs) Net Price w/out ECBs: $2.99

There were also a few more discounts included in this total as I used $12 ECB cash from previous purchases. Now, had I followed what most women do and included the ECBs earned as part of the total purchase price (I.E. Colgate Sensitive was 2.99 w/out counting the $1 ECB earned. Counting it, the price is $1.99 OOP) my grand total would be *considered* even lower.

All in all, at the end of my receipt my total savings was around $45.00 and change and according to the system I used, my total purchase price OOP was about $28. I was pretty stoked honestly. AND, I also earned $12 more ECBs to use on my next purchase.

If you’re looking for great deals on everyday items (including beauty) I would highly recommend checking out CVS!! Don’t forget to utilize your Sunday newspapers for coupons and online too. Some great resources for coupons include redplum.com, coupons.com, target.com, walmart.com, and smartsource.com. Happy shopping!