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I’m a big fan of hair care products. After my pregnancy, my hair has been an incredible nightmare… I had high hopes for this shampoo that had claims like “stimulate hair growth” and “lends extra strength to hair follicles”. My thoughts?? Keep reading…


The shampoo had a nice lathering effect and I felt like I was getting a really deep clean. The scent was pleasant in an androgynous sort of way. After showering, my hair did feel fuller than it had before so there was definitely some volume going on (which was nice). I also noticed a slight decrease in the amount of hair I was losing which I was DEFINITELY appreciative of.


Unfortunately, after my hair had dried (air dried one night, blow dried the next) it was left looking shiny, yet dry at the same time. My hair literally felt like straw. It was so gross…

That, coupled with the $40 price tag (OUCH!!) means lil ole me will definitely NOT be purchasing this shampoo again.


The only reason I don’t rate it lower is because I did like the fact that my hair loss was minimized. I was really bummed because I had such high hopes for this shampoo. Ah well, back to the drawing board!

Have you ever used Dermaheal products before? What has been your experience with them??

*This product was provided to me through the Bloom Beauty Ambassador Program for my fair and honest review  All opinions expressed through this blog post are my own unless otherwise stated.*