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Kate Fridkis

Blogger, Eat The Damn Cake

The other day, a man wrote to me to tell me that I shouldn’t worry — I’m not that ugly. You’re not stunning, he told me, but you’re not hideous, either. So get over it. Men don’t care. Men aren’t thinking about this stuff. It’s just a bunch of women, driving each other insane, waving mascara wands like tiny ineffectual swords, shouting “You look FAT in that!” at each other.

No, he didn’t say that, about the eye makeup swords. He wasn’t that original. I know, because ever since I started publishing essays about body image, I get emails like his all the time.

Often, they’re from nice men who want to reassure me. You look good! they say. I read something you wrote and I thought you’d be worse-looking, but then I found a picture, and you’re pretty! So don’t worry!

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