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Happy December guys! I know I’ve been away for a few… so sorry! With the holiday’s coming up, I’ve been super busy prepping and planning. In addition to the  usual festivities, my son’s FIRST birthday is in just a few short weeks so I’ve been eagerly attending to all the little details to his party as well. It’s been hectic but SOOO much fun. Can’t even believe my lil’ nugget is already going to be 1… *sniff sniff*.

Until I can get back to my more regular blogging routine, here’s a few things I’m wishing for this Christmas!


I’ve blogged about this before but this Sundari Neem and Coconut Hair Oil Treatment is amazing… seriously!! If you have even the slightest of dry, damaged hair, TRY THIS!! It’s astounding what it can do for you.


Burt’s Bee’s new line “Intense Hydration” looks amazing. What’s better for dry skin than an intensely hydrating night cream?? Seriously coveting this!!


This book is seriously a must have. I perused it at a bookstore once and instantly knew I needed to have it for my coffee table collection. The artistry is amazing. A must have for anyone even remotely interested in beauty.

What are some of the things on YOUR wishlist this Holiday season? Leave me some love and let me know. Xoxo!