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Hello readers!!! Sorry for the short abscence. With Christmas, plus my son’s FIRST birthday I have been one busy bee! But alas, another fun-filled product review for y’all to enjoy.


blowpro Heat Is On Blow Dry Styling Mist was a product I was able to try through the Bloom Ambassador program. I was super excited as it actually gave me a reason to try and do SOMETHING with my hair. Usually, I just air-dry and call it a day. This product FORCED me to try and style my hair (to my newbish ability).

In the words of blowpro:

Beauty Benefits
  • Weightless conditioning mist protects hair from heat styling.
  • Enhances styling flexibility and imparts gorgeous luster to locks.
  • Detangles and strengthens hair.
  • Can also be used to touch-up or re-style dry hair.
  • Paraben and sulfate free.
Haircare Key Features
Leave-In, No Animal Testing, Paraben Free, Sulfate Free, Weightless
Haircare Product Type
Spray (Non-aerosol)
Haircare Concern
Chemically Straightened Hair, Color-Treated, Dry and Brittle, Dull/Lack Luster, Frizzy, Split Ends
I’m a sucker for packaging and this styling mist was no exception. Its generously sized and super cute with its pink lettering and sleek white background. The spray bottle is easy to use and doesn’t seem to gunk up with product like other sprays I’ve used in the past. This styling mist made some of my hair smooth and soft and the scent was rather pleasant!
Notice I said that the mist left SOME of my hair smooth… the roots were a greasy mess! I don’t know if it was user error (perhaps spraying too close to my roots?) or what but it definitely left me with terrible looking roots while the rest of my hair was soft. Not exactly a good look for me..
Definitely give kudos to this product for having uber cute packaging and making some of my hair soft. Will definitely keep practicing using this product as I’ve never really used many styling mists before so am leaning towards the whole “user error” reason for why my roots were left greasy. I would recommend trying it for the sheer fact that you get a generous sized amount of product and your hair will seriously smell phenomenal!
Here I am, in my blowpro glory!!