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I was able to participate in another Bloom Ambassador Box where we were able to purchase products we wanted to experiment with. One of the products I chose was  Pixi Tinted Brilliance Balm in Bitten Berry. Here are my thoughts:


PROS: At first glance, it looks super dark in the tube. I was really nervous as I’m generally not a lip color person. However, once I applied this shade to my lips, it was super sheer with a rosy tint to it. I was pleasantly surprised  I really loved how moisturizing it felt; not sticky or gooey and the staying power is amazing. It’s a jumbo sized balm so I have a feeling this will last me a good long while. I love that the shade really complimented my fair skin so I would definitely recommend this for fair-skinned people.

CONS: The price isn’t something I’d normally pay ($16) but if you’re looking for a good splurge-worthy lippie, this would definitely fit the bill. Also, if you’re looking for a darker shade, this isn’t as dark as you would think which could be off putting to some people.


The price isn’t enough for me to necessarily mark it down a notch just because I could see myself buying this again once I run out. It’s the type of purchase I would feel confident in making because I know it looks good and isn’t a waste of money for me. The moisturizing qualities, the shade, and how it complements my skin-tone are all huge pluses for me. I would highly recommend this shade for any fair-skinned people in the market for a sheer yet pretty lip balm.