Its come to my attention that I should probably sign off each and every blog post with my Twitter handle and other social media gigs. All my contact info is in the appropriate section but I realize not everyone navigates to that page. So, here’s my current information. I will begin signing off each blog post with this as well but wanted to do a general post so that y’all can add me if you so choose! =)

Twitter Handle:

Invitation Link to Bloom:

Bloom Ambassador Work


I do have a Facebook page for my blog but its not currently updated. As soon as I get that page updated, I will update the info here. 

Thanks guys! If y’all have Twitter, feel free to follow and I’ll follow back. Also, check out with my invitation link because its seriously one of the most beautiful beauty websites I’ve ever had the privilege to work with. It’s a great community of women all interested in the same things and working together to support one another’s dreams. Seriously amazing.