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I myself am a couponer. Sometimes us coupon”ers” get a bad stigma attached to us. Whether people think we are thieves for getting items so cheap (even though that’s impossible as the manufacturer REIMBURSES THE STORE for the coupon amount), become impatient with us for using so many coupons (I can’t speak for everyone but I myself follow coupon rules RELIGIOUSLY) and of course, the irritated masses who don’t understand the whole “coupon” thing and get their panties in a bunch because we save money while they don’t. Yes, that sounds harsh. But you wouldn’t believe how many people are plain ole RUDE to me for using coupons. I’m always polite, extending the offer of letting them go in front of me because I know couponing takes time and I don’t want to be the cause of a long line. But if you’re gonna sit there and say “no, go ahead” even though you can see I have coupons but then get IRRITATED that its taking a little more time… next time when I offer to let you cut ahead… take the damn offer!! Anywho.. I digress… 

Because my blog focuses mostly on staying beautiful while on a budget, I wanted to post a few of my favorite coupon sites/tips/tidbits for those who want to score great deals but aren’t sure where to go or how to get them. 

First off, buying the newspaper whether that be through a subscription or at your local Dollar Tree, will be your best source of gaining coupons. Now, coupons vary by region and you won’t necessarily get the same ones that everyone gets. For example, I live in California and usually we don’t receive the Redplum insert. The main inserts are SmartSource, Redplum, and P&G. The P&G comes out monthly while the SS and RP are usually every week with various exceptions. You’ll also get the occasional Target insert or Healthy Essentials insert as well. 

If that’s the case, you can do what I do and order whole coupon inserts from Sunday Coupon InsertsThere are other sites you can order whole inserts from, including eBay, but I really like SCI. Prices are reasonable and I can pay via Paypal. 

If you don’t feel like ordering a whole insert or a newspaper, you can check out eBay or various forums online for single coupons to purchase. This is a great method if you plan on stocking up on a particular item. 

Then of course, you have IPs. IPs are internet printables that you can print from various sources. I use SmartSource.Com, Redplum.com, Coupons.com, Target.com and CouponNetwork.com as my main sources of IPs. 

You then have non-insert coupons, like peelies, tearpads, and coupons directly from the manufacturer. Staying with me?? I know this couponing stuff can get confusing. But TRUST ME…it’s well worth it when you can see how much you can save. Peelies are usually coupons found on products, tearpads are coupons found next to an item in the store, and you can email/call companies and specifically ask for coupons as well. Not all companies will send them out but many will. 

So, that’s it for today! Keep an eye out for the next installment of Couponing 101! You’re gonna stay beautiful and your wallet will thank you…!