Today was my son’s third soccer game. It’s Peewee soccer so just imagine a group of 4 year old’s running around in circles chasing after a ball. Adorable. And the weather was gorgeous BUT hot!! To keep my skin from frying on the sidelines, here are a couple of my budget friendly items I keep in my bag on the regs.


Supergoop is one of my most favorite sunscreen brands. It’s water-resistant and oil free so I don’t have to worry about my pores clogging up. It doesn’t have that typical chemical smell AND is moisturizing. Purchase your own bottle here.


I’m a huge chap-stick hoarder. And Softlips is one of my favorite brands. You can get a 2 pack at Walgreen’s for around $3 and the added sunscreen and soft vanilla scent is scrumdillyumptious!


I received a small sample of this and fell in love. It smells amazing and protects even color-treated hair from fading in the bright sun. As someone with burgundy hair this definitely comes in handy. It’s not drying and has sunflower seed oil for added moisturizing benefits. Purchase your own citrus-scented spray here.