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I have to say that I’m a pretty big fan of all things PINK! Soap and Glory’s The Righteous Butter is no exception. I received a small mini size of their lotion as a Christmas gift and immediately fell in love.

Founded in 2006 in England, they’ve been discovering and shipping all sorts of goodies to a select few countries, their famous body butter notwithstanding.

Their Righteous Butter includes Shea and Aloe Vera components for a supremely moisturized body. And the scent is heady!! It’s dubbed “The Original Pink Fragrance” and the scent is a combination of bergamot, jasmine, rose, mandarin, peach, strawberry, soft musk and amber. I know that sounds like a lot of scents rolled into one but it’s insanely intoxicating.

As for how it works?? I applied it after my nightly shower and the scent stayed on my skin ALL NIGHT. I could literally wake up for a morning shift at work and my skin would still be soft, moisturized and smell amazing without having to reapply. What more could a girl ask for in a body butter?

The mini version I received retails for approximately $4 but you can buy a tub of this stuff (and trust me, you want to) for approximately $15 here.

Overall, I rate it a 5/5 for its great moisturizing benefits and long lasting scent. Definitely a steal!