Hey lovelies!!

As Spring Break is upon us I wanted to share my top three products that are absolutely essential for Spring Break vacations (or staycations; no judgement here!)


This is a MUST have product for me. If you’re staying outside near the beach (and lets be real… why wouldn’t you be?!) you’re going to need sun protection. Hawaiian Tropic has some of the best smelling sunscreen’s imo hands-down. This sunscreen is an A+ especially considering how light and non-greasy it feels. My biggest pet peeve with most sunscreen’s is that you feel like you’re wearing sunscreen. Not so with this Ultra-Light formula. This product glides on effortlessly and smells superb. You can find it at most drugstores.




Lips are super sensitive to the sun due to thin skin in that area which is why it’s so important to make sure your lips are protected with SPF. Aquaphor Lip Repair has the added bonus of SPF 30 in addition to gliding on smoothly and not feeling totally waxy. I like it better then Carmex because it doesn’t have a gritty aftertaste or waxy feeling. You can find this at Ulta (link provided).





What’s a good day on the beach without something amazing to read? Some of my favorite beach activities are those where you’re just sitting under an umbrella reading a juicy romance or thrilling mystery. Bookoutlets.com is one of my favorite websites to get cheap reads. Plus, they have a bonus reward program where you can earn points that can then be redeemed for more books! Win/Win!

So tell me lovelies; what are some of YOUR favorite must-have spring break essentials? Leave me some love in the comments below. Have a fantastic Spring Break!

*None of these pictures do I claim to be mine; all opinions expressed in this post are purely mine and I was not paid to share them whatsoever. Everything expressed here-in is a completely honest and unbiased and I was not given product nor compensation to say anything*.