One of my most favorite makeup brands would have to be Urban Decay. Their shadows are to die for and I am a HUGE fan of their setting spray. But, alas, they aren’t always on a single mom’s beauty budget unless they have a fantastic sale. Sales are generally when I pick up amazing products for at least half-off what they normally cost. So without further ado, here is my UD Wishlist!




This palette’s packaging is swoon worthy; and so are the highlighters within. I haven’t been able to use my highlighters lately because my skin has been angry at me and no way do I want to draw attention to unsightly redness!! However, this palette has a variety of highlights in every shade and seems it would be flattering on most skin tones. I definitely need this in my makeup stash!!





Let me start off by saying that if bottles could be sexy, this would take the cake. I am a huge coveter of this product because it can be used with foundation or mixed into night cream for a radiant and moisturized complexion. I am huge fan of multi-tasking products and would love to get my hands on this product. Whattya say UD? Care to send me a bottle to review? *wink wink*




This palette speaks to me…!! Just like with my unconventional hair-color, I’ve been dying to try this palette out. I’m particularly interested in the granite and element shades. I think these would be super fun colors to try out. I may not be the best at makeup but I can make damn sure my eyes would be poppin’ with these colors!! This is definitely high up there on my UD Wishlist!




I saw this on a whim and decided it definitely needs a spot on my Wishlist. Eyeliner is MY LIFE. So, who wouldn’t need this in theirs?? (Size XL… in case anyone was wondering. *winky face*

So, while these aren’t all of the items on my Wishlist (because lets face it, its extensive) these are definitely some of the top priority ones. What about you lovelies? What are some of your UD Wishlist items? Let me know in the comments below!!

Stay beautiful!!

*Disclaimer: All images are Urban Decay’s property. I do not own these images whatsoever and have only used them for the intended purpose of describing my wish-list. Thank you!*