Hey lovelies!! So, as someone who emphasizes my eyes more than any other feature, it got me wondering about what your favorite eyeliner style is? I generally do a winged look (and I will feature photos in other blog posts eventually) but it doesn’t always work out the way I want. I prefer a felt-tipped pen vs a liquid liner as I feel more steady with a felt-tip then I do with a tiny little brush.

I have been getting into liquid lipsticks lately but I try and reserve the bolder colors for night out. Having said that, I still definitely enjoy playing up my eyes the most as I actually really love my eyes and making them pop.


How I wish my eyeliner looked (a  girl can dream)!!



A chart of different styled winged eyeliner for different eye types. I have hooded eyes so sometimes getting that perfect wing shape is difficult for me.

What’s your favorite feature to play up? Let me know in the comments below!!

*Disclaimer: None of these photos are mine nor do I claim credit for any of them. I simply used them to enhance the article and to give examples of different eyeliner looks so my readers could understand the blog post better.