Hey guys!! Just wanted to give a shout-out to TJ Maxx. I always forget how cool their beauty section can actually be; and usually very reasonable. This time, I only found a couple of things but I was also in a rush since I had my kiddo with me. However, I’m excited to try out some new products. Here’s the laydown so far.




I found these neat little Shea Butter Lip Masks; they were like $3 for 5. I gave one to my sister to try. I’ve been intrigued by lip masks and I absolutely LOVE Shea Butter so I’m super excited to try this out.


Sorry for the blurry photo!! This is a Hydrate facial serum from VALJEAN LABS. You can get this product at Urban Outfitters for $15… or you can go to TJ Maxx and get it for 1/2 the price. The jar is made entirely of glass (super fannnncy) and the serum is blue-colored in the bottle. I’m super stoked to try this! Dry skin is NOT fannnncy so maybe this will actually help? They also have other serums like Clarify, Restore, and Glow. I’ll try the Restore next time!

This product I actually got from CVS but wanted to throw it in. It’s the Physician’s Formula Butter Highlighter. I’ve already tested this product. The pros are that the highlighter smells like a really good cocoa butter/sunscreen scent. It has a TON of pigment (the photo doesn’t really do it justice… it SHINES) and is easily affordable. HOWEVER, the color I purchased was Rose Gold. I think this was a tad too dark for my skin-tone. I noticed when I applied it, it looked like a really bad contour job. I had to blend and blend and even sweep some away with a wet wipe and by that point, there really wasn’t any highlight left to be noticeable. It didn’t look that dark in the canister but I think next time, I’ll go with the Pearl or the Pink color.

All-in-all, I’m excited about my purchases and will definitely do separate reviews for the lip masks and serum soon.

Any of you beauties have any hauls lately? Would love to hear about them in the comments!! Stay beautiful. =D