I just got my e.l.f. package in the mail and I am SO excited to try some of the products!! I spent over $25 and got a free gift which is great. However, I didn’t realize one of the items in the free gift is a repeat of one of the items I purchased (meh!!). But without further ado, here it is!!


The first product is the Makeup Remover Cleansing Cloths, 2 Pack which retails for $5. Each package comes with 40 remoistened wipes. Now listen guys, I realize face wipes aren’t the best as far as taking care of your skin. But you cannot deny how handy they are! I keep a package in the bathroom AND by my bedside for nights where I get off late and just need something quick to take my makeup off my face. I also keep a package in my purse if I crash at a friend’s house and don’t want to use their products. I haven’t tried the e.l.f. brand of these before but I’m super excited to try them out!

elf 1

The next product I purchased is the Beautifully Bare Lightweight Concealer Stick in the shade Light/Medium which retails for $4. I forgot to take a picture swatching it but it’s a lot more on the medium side then the light.. I’m concerned it might be too dark for my skin but I will review this in more detail once I use it!

elf 4

Next up is the Long Wear Baked Highlighter in the shade Moonlight Pearls which retails for $4. This is the item I received two of as one was included in the free gift. I’ve heard mixed reviews about this highlighter. Some say it’s the holy grail, others… not so much. I can tell just from swatching it (which again.. no photo..whoops) that it’s definitely going to take a few uses to really show. You have to scrape off layers to even get to the actual product which is weird (and one review even said this would happen) but I’m still excited to see how it will end up looking once I get to the good layer!

elf 3

Next, I also purchased the Instant Lift Brow Pencil is Neutral Brown which retails for $2. Now, I realize that perhaps it won’t be the best brow pencil since it is so cheap. However, I don’t really “do” my brows. I just like to fill in the sparse areas now and again. The color seems a little dark but nothing blending won’t fix!

elf 5

My free gift for spending $25 included the Baked Highlighter, the Compact Power Blush Palette ($6) in Light and the High Definition Under-Eye Setting Powder ($3). I’m most excited to try the setting powder as I definitely do up my eyes more than anything. The blush palette is pretty but the colors are a little too bright for my tastes. Still, I’ll see if I can’t incorporate it into a look sometime soon!

Last but not least… I also spent a little bit of money and got myself the Illuminating Eye Cream ($10) because I was in desperate need of one! I’m not sure what this will do for the little crow’s feet starting to form around my eyes but I am hoping the brightening effects will at least let me dark circles look less, well…dark! I will do a review for you guys on that product soon!

elf 6

Have you guys tried any of these products before? What’s your favorite e.l.f. product? Let me know in the comments below and always remember to stay beautiful! =D