All views contained within this blog are expressed solely by the owner. I do not mean this blog to be a valid source of information for everyone but merely enjoy sharing my thoughts on beauty products in hopes that they may help someone else. I cannot stress this enough. My thoughts and opinions are merely that. They are in no way meant to be construed as anything but opinions. In no way do I endorse copyright infringement, nor will I ever take credit for opinions that are not mine. In the event that I receive products from companies and/or manufacturers, I will make note of it in my blog review and give credit to said companies and/or manufacturers.

I make no ownership claims to any images used on this site unless otherwise noted. Beauty on a Dime tries to link back to all original content when they can. If you own any such image and wish for it to be removed from this site, please contact me as soon as possible for prompt removal.

Beauty on a Dime cannot guarantee accurate price/product information as manufacturers can change price/product information at anytime. Always refer to the original site whenever possible for the most up-to-date information. Beauty on a Dime will occasionally update said information when necessary.

Celebrities may occasionally be featured in this blog. They have not endorsed, recommend, nor approved any product featured in this blog.

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